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Helping you to drive even more safely and save money...

by warning you in advance of known Manitoba reduced speed, photo radar and speed trap locations.

Introducing Manitoba PhotoRadarPredictor a unique legal way to help you drive even more safely by warning you in advance of many known hazardous locations (speed traps) in Manitoba. We use GPS technology to warn you before you get to those locations.  Additionally Manitoba PhotoRadarPredictor warns you if you are exceeding the speed limit on most major streets in Winnipeg and most highways in Manitoba.

Think of Manitoba PhotoRadarPredictor as a 'back seat driver' or set of traffic signs that speak to you to warn you of particularly hazardous locations before you get to them.

Manitoba PhotoRadarPredictor is especially useful to Manitoba drivers from outside Winnipeg who are unfamiliar with Winnipeg and the many hazardous locations in the city.  In addition Manitoba PhotoRadarPredictor has now added the reduced speed zones for 40 known Manitoba municipalities, cities and towns with 199 reduced speed school zones.

To see how it works - view our Garmin / Waze v/s PhotoRadarPredictor demonstration video at youtube:   PhotoRadarPredictor Video Sample   

If you have a Garmin GPS - For a free demo version of the app - email us at: info@photoradarpredictor.com

You can have PhotoRadarPredictor software installed on your Garmin GPS for $39.95.

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Appointments can also be made by calling (204)890-0718 or email us at: info@photoradarpredictor.com