What PhotoRadarPredictor does

PhotoRadarPredictor uses a custom data file that works with your Garmin GPS to warn you, in advance, of many 'speed trap' (hazardous locations) such as school zones, playgrounds, parks, speed reduction locations, red light cameras, bike routes and known police radar trap locations.  The warnings come in the form of spoken words such as "Speed Trap", "Limit 60", "Next Limit 50", "Red Light Camera" and "Slow Down". 

Many warnings are speed related - meaning they will only sound a warning if your vehicle is going faster than it should be.   Some are directional - meaning they only warn when you are headed toward a particular hazard.

Some Winnipeg drivers are familiar with the Red Light Camera and Photo Radar Vans deployed at hazardous locations across Winnipeg.  Handheld 'DragonCam' technology by DragonEye using Lidar is now being deployed to further enforce your safe driving habits in hazardous areas. This Dragon Cam by Dragon Eye allows the enforcement operator to be up to 1,000 feet away from the roadway while photographing license plates of vehicles.  Examples of particularly hazardous locations are: Disraeli Freeway at Argyle School and the playground on Plessis Road at Rosseau.  For those hazardous locations - the photo radar ticket in the mail will be the first indication that you were speeding in those locations.

Many elementary school locations in Manitoba, especially Winnipeg, have a 30 km/hr reduced speed limit with more rural school locations to be added soon.  PhotorRadarPredictor has all known Winnipeg school zone locations mapped along with similar school locations in 40 rural Manitoba towns. 

Additionally, PhotoRadarPredictor warns you of these locations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - in anticipation of this change being put into place in the near future for Winnipeg.  Some would say this will be done to increase revenue - we say to increase safety

PhotoRadarPredictor can notify you in advance, before you get to that hazardous location unlike the Winnipeg police photo enforcement program where you get a photo radar ticket in the mail some 3 weeks after you were speeding in a hazardous location. One photo radar ticket will cost you a minimum of $200. You can easily accumulate multiple photo radar tickets over the 3 weeks it takes to have the first photoradar ticket mailed to you. That can cost you a lot of money. Your best bet is to drive safely and be especially aware when you are nearing a hazardous location. That is where PhotoRadarPredictor can help you.

The advance warning you can get from PhotoRadarPredictor provides you an opportunity to be especially alert as you near these hazardous locations be it at 4 PM or 4 AM.

PhotoRadarPredictor has a goal similar to the city police goal at their "Safe Streets" website which says: Our goal is simple—to reduce collisions and injuries by reducing red-light running and excessive speeding.  PhotoRadarPredictor is working towards a similar goal of warning you in advance to drive especially safely anywhere where the police have determined a hazardous location exists.

PhotoRadarPredictor helps you to drive safer than you already do.

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