Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Garmin GPS - can I try PhotoRadarPredictor out?

Yes, For a free demo version of the app - email us at:

What is a hazardous location?

Any road can be hazardous if you exceed the speed limit.  Manitoba municipalities, towns and cities are now adding reduced speed zones near schools.  Winnipeg police have identified many different hazardous locations where they deploy photo radar or regular police radar units. These locations include red light camera locations, playgrounds, schools and parks and special hazardous locations.  Some drivers call these locations 'speed traps'.  We prefer to call them hazardous locations.  The trouble is - there are so many hazardous locations that a driver can easily get distracted trying to read all the signs along the road as speed limits change up and down.  This is where Manitoba PhotoRadarPredictor can help you drive safer - by warning you of these hazardous locations.

New! - We now warn you of Winnipeg bike route zones where you are limited to driving one block on selected days.

Dragon CamWhat is a DragonCam?

A DragonCam is a hand held photo radar camera that is being used to enforce safety in some hazardous locations.   Dragon Cam is made by DragonEye and uses Lidar technology.  Unlike the fixed 'Red Light Camera' or the well known 'Photo Radar Van' that has to park alongside the roadway, the Dragon Cam can be located well off the roadway - up to 1,000 feet away.   Here is an example of a DragonCam being used on the Disraeli Freeway where the photo radar vehicle is parked well off the roadway - behind a building.

Will PhotoRadarPredictor work on my factory installed vehicle GPS unit or my smartphone?

No - PhotoRadarPredictor presently only works on Garmin GPS units. Factory installed vehicle GPS units are typically locked down by the vehicle manufacturer. On the plus side - a Garmin GPS is low in cost to buy - many are under $200 which is less than the price of just one photo enforcement ticket.

My GPS already has a 'red light camera' notifier in it. Why do I need PhotoRadarPredictor?

PhotoRadarPredictor goes well beyond notifying you of hazardous Red Light Cameras.  PhotoRadarPredictor can identify many other types of hazardous locations including speed reduction locations (where the posted road speed drops suddenly), playgrounds, elementary schools (where the speed limit drops to 30 km/hr), regular and special schools, parks and other hazardous locations for example Bishop Grandin Boulevard west of Pembina highway.  In addition PhotoRadarPredictor can warn you if you are exceeding the speed limit on most Manitoba highways and Winnipeg major streets.

I can get applications like Waze for my Smartphone that do this. Why do I need PhotoRadarPredictor?

We have tried the various Smartphone applications and found they lack the Manitoba specific warnings our program has.   Additionally, not all drivers have smartphones with data plans.  Of those that do, some prefer not to load applications into their smartphone that can affect its usability. Most Smartphone apps require you to look at the screen from time to time and we feel this is hazardous.  We feel you should be watching the road - not a screen.  Also - having your Smartphone exposed in your car can result in you getting a ticket for 'distracted driving'. Our application does not require you to look at the GPS while driving and in fact we caution the driver not to look at the GPS while driving.  Simply listen to the warnings it gives you while you drive safe.

Of the smartphone applications we have tested:

  • most require a data plan that can be costly.
  • none have the school zone reduced speed locations for all known Manitoba municipalities, cities and towns.
  • all require that their application be running -meaning you have to plug your smartphone in for power.
  • many annoy by warning much too often so the driver turns the application off - thus defeating its purpose. 
  • most have incomplete and out of date data.   We found many missing hazardous locations and some with out of date information.  e.g. some reported a 'red light camera' on Osborne southbound at Assiniboine.  That was a Winnipeg Transit traffic monitoring camera - not a red light camera - and it was removed years ago.  Some were missing the current hazardous areas of Plessis Road northbound at Rousseau or Pembina highway southbound - south of St. Norbert where the posted speed is 60 km/hr on a very wide 4 lane divided stretch of road that many drivers believe is a highway at 80 or 100 km/hr - until they get stopped by police.

Drive over the posted speed limit of 60 km/hr on this hazardous 4 lane divided section of Pembina Highway, south of St. Norbert and you may get a speeding ticket PLUS 2 demerits.  Some drivers call this a speed trap.

Can I rent PhotoRadarPredictor to see if I like it?

Yes, we can rent you a Garmin GPS with PhotoRadarPredictor already installed.  A 5 day rental is $35 with a $200 cash deposit.  After the rental - you can return the GPS unit and get your deposit back -or- we can credit the rental and deposit back if you buy the unit from us for $235.00 with a free year of updates included.  And if you already have or can borrow a Garmin GPS we can send you a free demo version of PhotoRadarPredictor email us at:

How does PhotoRadarPredictor work?

Once installed in a Garmin GPS, PhotoRadarPredictor may speak a warning as you approach a known hazardous location.  Our lawyers told us to say 'may' as there are many conditions that can affect this such as program or operator error and GPS reliability.

Do I have to look at my GPS screen while using PhotoRadarPredictor?

No!  For safety you do not want to look at your GPS while driving - just listen to the voice warnings provided they do not distract you. 

Can you show me how PhotoRadarPredictor works?

View our demonstration video at youtube:  PhotoRadarPredictor Video Sample     or contact us to rent a GPS with PhotoRadarPredictor installed in it.  One drive around the city should be enough to convince you of the benefits of PhotoRadarPredictor.  And if you already have or can borrow a Garmin GPS we can send you a free demo version of PhotoRadarPredictor email us at:

Is PhotoRadarPredictor legal?

Yes, PhotoRadarPredictor is not a radar detector and is legal to use.  Think of PhotoRadarPredictor as simply a way to remind you in advance by voice of hazardous locations in Winnipeg.

What does PhotoRadarPredictor cost?

* PhotoRadarPredictor is installed by us on your GPS at an initial cost of $39.95.
* You can purchase a Garmin GPS of your choice at many stores for under $200.
* Or we can sell you a new Garmin GPS unit already loaded with PhotoRadarPredictor and including one year of file updates for $235

What About updates?

We are continually updating PhotoRadarPredictor as we find out about new hazardous locations.  We can notify you of new updates - just email us at: to get on the notification list.  Existing customers can drop by one of our locations to have the update applied to their Garmin GPS unit.  PhotoRadarPredictor updates are available for $10 for one update or you can purchase a prepaid yearly update subscription for $50 per year.

What if I find a new hazardous location and there is no warning?

Tell us the location details and we will add it to PhotoRadarPredictor - and we will update your GPS with the latest version of PhotoRadarPredictor for free.

Is this system foolproof?

No, there are many variables that can cause you to miss being notified of hazardous locations.  These include GPS inaccuracy (solar radiation, clouds, buildings and placement in your car all affect the GPS accuracy), data file errors and user errors.  Your best bet is to always drive safely and use PhotoRadarPredictor to help you drive even more safely.

Where are your outlets located?

We have locations across Winnipeg.  Email us with your address and we will inform you of the closest location to you.  We can also come to your location for an additional charge depending on the number of units to be programmed with PhotoRadarPredictor.

How do I get started?

Your first step is to get a compatible Garmin GPS unit.  You may already have one (most older units work fine although we suggest a unit that is under 2 years old for optimum performance) or you can buy a new Garmin GPS either from us preloaded with PhotoRadarPredictor or buy it from the retailer of your choice.  You can request a free demo version of PhotoRadarPredictor by sending an email to us at:  Or - you can come to one of our locations (or have us come to your location) to have us load PhotoRadarPredictor into your Garmin GPS. It takes 5 minutes to install PhotoRadarPredictor on your GPS. As mentioned above - we also sell and rent out GPS units with PhotoRadarPredictor installed.

Are there fleet discounts?

Yes, please email us for details at   Provide the quantity of units in your fleet.  Fleet owners can also have custom voices and custom warnings installed.  e.g voice warnings in different languages.


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